The Bensinger Lab



The Immunology, Inflammation, Infection, and Transplantation Research Theme (I3T) at UCLA is a large community of scientists and clinicians studying how the immune system operates in healthy individuals, and how the immune system becomes dysfunctional in disease. The I3T has 200+ scientists and physicians at UCLA engaged in basic, translational, and clinical research with the goal of harnessing the immune system to treat disease and cure individuals.

Major clinical advances over the last 10 years have enriched basic understanding of the immune system to the point of translation, and there is the promise of great successes with antibody therapies and other forms of immunotherapy. The value of close interactions among researchers studying cancer, infectious diseases, autoimmunity, and transplant rejection is now readily apparent.

I3T Seminar Series

Dr. Bensinger, Dr. Rob Prins and former UCLA faculty member Dr. David Brooks, established the highly successful I3T Seminar Series and Research-In-Progress Series.

For more information on I3T and the current seminar series click here

In compliance with the new UCLA COVID-19 policies, the I3T Seminar Series is cancelled for this academic year (2019-20).

The I3T team will re-schedule cancelled seminars next academic year (2020-21). 


The I3T team will re-schedule cancelled seminars next academic year (2020-21). 




I3T Scientific Retreat

The I3T is proud to announce that the 2019 scientific retreat was a huge sucess. Thank you to all our speakers, presenters, and guests. To view pictures please click here.